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Passion of boy

The word most appropriate, we may start, because it was not the first time that would create canaries. (In boy ja had created crossbred and some harz. (Canaries in the corner). It was in 1990, in the beautiful land of bordeira which gained 3 females and two males yellow. At that time the canaries created enough, or perhaps the boy also has experience in help.I remember at the end of the season, took some 30 canaries to a store near my home.With the money from the sale, purchase other different races, and them when the dominant white and red (salmon were more than red, the shimmel was lots ). started my life with the creator lipocromos.was with these races that I created in 1991, making 12 couples.not had room for more, a covered terrace where I ate was created quite long but the width was little.A view was magnificent yes (to the estuary formosa), turned to the south, which helped me so much.Was a record, to take almost 100 canaries. Some had to sell them on the changes yet, because the space was limited.In November 1992, was held in Faro, near the Arco da Vila an exhibition of canaries, organised by the Club de Avicultores of Algarve.Was my first exposition , the effect of this day was even more passionate by these small birds.Some days later went to Olhão, where is the headquarters of the club to associate myself with, and acquire power washers official for my canarios.Still that year acquired the black and red intense mosaics . (best known for bronzes), and yellow mosaics.I make to turn to my wife and me became the only user of marquise.ja of the 12 nurseries that had sent do more 6, resuming would start with 18 couples . Was The worst to come, the canaries started to rise, and only in the first few 50.A creation born my wife last have neither it nor my daughter had access to marquise.Still had to have done with about 2 flying box 2 meters each, divided into 3 equal parts, to take the canaries. Put near the ceiling over the door of access to covered terrace, canaries were too much for so little space. Have to turn to my father and finished the changes, the canaries changed to a garage it, a bit far from my casa.To my canaries was paradise, 18metros square at 1 floor for the creation and the same area in r/ c muda.From for 18 couples spent for 25 couples, I do not know if it was by the change, or because they have more space, what is certain is that it was my best creation of all time, took 250 canaries.However i participated in exhibitions of the club, having just win some premios.No spent next year to 60 couples, and it was there that everything is complicated, it was a great change, but there I was accustomed to the situation, ever was less time for the family, even by Top had another sun.As creations not stopped, and the following year increased another 20 nurseries, 80 nurseries were on the first floor, and two major flying box in r/c, a factor for red and one for those without factor, we was in 1995.tirei some 600 canaries that year.Mine garage was my shop, were other times, when there was money.Na created with half melânicos and another half lipocromos.I haved for all different likes.Agata red mosaic, Agata yellow mosaic , in the opal and pastel with mutations factor, black and red mosaics intensive (bronzes) brown Classics factor with and without the mutation opal and pastel, isabeis red mosaic and had some copies satiné red mosaic at the time quite expensive; still had the lipocromos (red, yellow and intense nevados, recessive white, pastel yellow mosaico.O appeared in my house by chance, were 2 females, daughters of a couple of blacks red mosaic shot me 3 females pastel, but a slightly dead.Became confused, but quickly got information on such happen, say evils that come by well.Como know pastel and the mutation linked to sex, in this case the male was wearing, pastel, it was here that appeared in the pastels of my plantel.I like race and the following year gained 2 males and 1 female brown pastel and never left the prizes I won in all races that created, but were brown opals yellow mosaic my favourites, in which more couples maked.In 1996 change from home and premises also.The space reduced, it is where I am now but the 80 couples still be continue.In 1998 just in conclusion with the canaries lipochrome, the recessive white were the latest, I was losing the interrese gradually by lipocromos.In instead begin with mutaçao topazio race Agata with and without factor was the fashion of this time.I created between 500 and 600 canaries, each year that passed was more difficult take canaries, because the races were more complicated, but even more difficult, was selling .It from more or less 2002 each year take less canaries.I take part in Beja in the years of 2002 and 2003, being the best in the National expositor.I take part also in Beja making 9 premium.In 2004 participated in the exhibition of winning over Setubal 20 premium.In 2006 participated in the 2 nd exposure of the Moita getting into 4 th place with 60 points.Was also this year due to professional commitments that thought in ending the canaries.I sale nurseries, half of flying box and a large part of canaries.Was my wife that I did change your mind, because pledged to give food, whenever I could not. (not only limpava) already was not bad, it was what I wanted the ouvir.Tell that women do not understand. ( while the canaries not walk by aì) had to learn quickly, because I was sent 11 weeks to Seia to do a course in elecricidade in EDP, and only came to shortlist of 15, 15 of the mobile days.Through there would give him the coordinated, not run as if I had here, but could have been pior.I take part in several exhibitions in Silves and in my club, always staying well classificado.No last year, my wife was once again my salvation, it was that virtually created the canaries, I do not know which of the two best deals, so the Gold Medal in the World, I thank-lha.How many times the family stayed for 2 nd place, especially since this time, just yesterday, live together the canaries, and until the end of June, all my free time and for canaries mines not abandon friends, believe that one day achieve going also win a gold medal, for the year I will still try to do great better.
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