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Preparation and time to cross

I will not say anything that you do not already know, but just give you to know, as I normally prepare and I cross my canaries. Each designer is that feeling, seeing what the right time to join their canaries, none better than the actual notes that the day to day, is the notion of the ideal time to cross. In the beginning, I remember that when visiting a friend who had already their canaries to create, returned home and added to them, whether or not they had in conditions (the anxiety was such that I could not wait longer) My friends d`ont hasten, I know that we all wish to see the pups born, but we must wait with patience, will learn that hope for the best time. They say the former, that the time to cross the canaries is after the arrival of the swallows. For me the right time, depends on the treatment that each makes to their breeding, as well as the factor of temperature and light. (The latter being in my view perhaps most important) is through this factor influenciamos or not the beginning of creation. When I created a covered terrace, turned to spring, it was virtually forced to join my canaries in January, perhaps also because the had to separate in late May, and it is difficult to continue to create canaries due to the heat, starting very early in the sun heat the covered terrace. In a few years to come, create a garage turned to the north, with a few small windows where the sun barely enter and which serve almost to the entry of air, as I do not have too much interest in breeding too early. First just because my free time, second because although the females are good, males or so and I have no interest in having a significant amount of the female egg goros shock, and in my opinion the young born in April and May are the best for the latest exhibitions. The light is very important factor. It is not easy to cope with the females take without any penalty, or put some egg until March, this is only possible by giving little light to canaries (from 8 to 9 am of light per day maximum) from the beginning of February increase daily between 12 and 15 minutes, by programming a clock connected with lamps, reaching more or less the 15 hours in the height of mating maintaining the same number of hours during the creation. A rapid increase in the hours of light, may cause a change in some early canaries. Last year I cross only on March 15, also because I had to wait for new cages, creating not until I went nothing wrong. Good luck, patients are not precipitem, so calm, a good first posture is fundamental. This year joined them last Saturday. It is with the females more I am concerned, they are usually the success of my creation, some of them create virtually alone. (I live by not buying females, or take my reproductive ace exhibitions, few exceptions) Choose my female soon at the end of the changes, always higher than that amount that I need. It is between mid-December and Christmas I start preparing for my canaries, (at which point some farmers because their acasalaram,) because at this point already sold most of the canaries that have to dispense. Start by cleaning the parasites, (I do only once a year) already some years ago that I "zentel", the sale at any pharmacy, back to back 10 days later. In the following 2 days after giving zentel should take a vitamin complex, I "protovit" of roche, will also sale in pharmacies. After giving clean water for 3 to 4 days give a medicine for salmonella, several on the market this year, I gave the "salmocoli" of zoopan. At this point, just as I canary grass, I papa 2 times per week, no exaggeration in quantity, mix the seed will germinate papa (I give orlux yellow drought for a few years, this year I will give "Ce-De" adding a probiotic and "calcium - lux "of orlux), who gives mixture perhaps once a week is sufficient, I will always available grit mixed with coal. Some 3 to 4 weeks before I cross vitamin "E" tend to "seriferol" of latac, some 3 times a week, alternating with clean water. This year, in late January, before starting to give vitamin "E," after making some consultations on the subject, and I have advised a friend, I once "Ivomec" as prevention for the lice and the mite trachea, a drop in the thigh of each canary, removing some feathers for the better product comes, there are also those who give in the neck, is the criterion for each.
Good creations ....
Carlos Faísca

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